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About The 12 Gauge Ammo contains a lot of gunpowder and packs a considerable punch when fired. If your body physique isn't as muscular and you have a poor balance, it is highly advised you don't use the 12 Gauge Ammo. The 12 Gauge Ammo has a bore diameter of 18.5mm and has a decent effective range making it a good choice for bird hunting and skeet shooting. Keep in mind that the longer the hunting trip is, the more severe the recoil will be. The payload of the 12 Gauge Ammo is no joke, and the heavier variants of this ammo can blow up small game. You won't be able to use the meat as food nor sell the skin for cash. The primary 12 Gauge Ammo load is 1 1/8 ounces of shot. And if you want a shot for a more extended range, you can use the 1 1/4. Uses The 12 Gauge Ammo is the most popular shotgun gauge in the United States and possibly worldwide. The 12 Gauge Ammo is produced for every variant of shotgun from semi-auto to pump actions and all in between. This ammo is the choice for big game turkey and other small games in the wild. But most of all, people love using the 12 Gauge Ammo for self-defense in their homes.

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