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17 Hornet Ammo The 17 Hornet Ammo is a fascinating cartridge with two stories to tell. The first 17 Hornet Ammo was created by P.O. Ackley, a famous cartridge developer back in the 1950s. He took the .22 Hornet and necked it down so it could accept a 17 caliber projectile. As a wildcat cartridge, Ackley’s 17 Hornet Ammo was not commercially produced. Then in 2002, Hornady rekindled the idea and also updated the previous 17 Hornet Ammo. The idea behind the updates was to reduce noise levels when shot close to human habitations. It was also to provide ammo that was less prone to ricochet. Unfortunately, due to these updates, the 17 Hornet cartridges won’t fire properly in old guns due to the varying case dimensions. You can, however, modify the old guns to shoot the new ammo if you desire. The primary purpose behind the production of the 17 Hornet Ammo is to hunt predator animals and varmints. The 17 Hornet Ammo is a winner in the speed game when you use lightweight projectiles of 20 and 25 grains. It can easily reach 3,600 feet per second and still have enough energy left at 200 yards to kill predators like a fox. In addition, the recoil on rifles chambered in the 17 Hornet Ammo is surprisingly light. Therefore, it is an excellent pick for building up experience and improving your basic shooting skills. All these are still achievable while you’re still hunting varmint. Today, there are three different loads of the .17 Hornet Ammo, with Hornady and Winchester as the manufacturers.

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