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About The .22 Stinger Ammo is a hypervelocity variant of the .22 Long Rifle Ammo, which uses lightweight to travel at high velocities. The .22 Long Rifle Ammo was first introduced in 1884 in the United States, and only in a short while, it gained popularity, which led to a lot of variants being designed for this cartridge. The .22 Stinger Ammo was the first hypervelocity cartridge for the .22 LR Ammo and delivered a significant increase in energy and velocity of the bullet. The casing of the .22 Stinger Ammo is longer than the standard .22 LR Ammo, while the bullet weight is lighter and shorter, giving the .22 Stinger Ammo the same overall length as its parent case. The case length of the .22 Stinger Ammo was 17.8mm. The cartridge's longer case and lightweight allowed the .22 Stinger Ammo to travel at a hypervelocity of 1,400 to 1,800 feet per second using the 40-grain bullet variant. Manufacturer The .22 Stinger Ammo was designed using the .22 LR Ammo as its parent case by Cascade Cartridge Inc. in 1975 to deliver hypervelocity cartridges for the same cartridge category. Uses The .22 Stinger Ammo is used for the same purposes as the .22 LR Ammo. It has been used for small gaming hunting and pest control, although the .22 Stinger Ammo proves a good choice for target shooting because of the higher velocity.

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