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About The .223 Remington Ammo is bottlenecked and rimless cartridge, developed in 1957 for the United States Army when the need for a small-caliber cartridge capable of delivering a high velocity arose. Even to this day, the .223 Remington Ammo is considered one of the most popular bullets and is used by various manual action and semiautomatic handguns. The .223 Remington Ammo offers better accuracy in NATO barrel chamberings than the 5.56x45mm Ammo. Even though these two bullets are pretty similar, they require significantly different chambers to be used properly. A longer barrel of the gun typically offers a greater muzzle velocity. When it comes to the .223 Remington Ammo, the muzzle velocity decreases or increases about 25.7 feet per second for an inch on barrel length. The overall length of this bullet is 57mm, and the bullet diameter measures 5.7mm. Velocity offered by the .223 Remington Ammo is 3,750 feet per second while producing an energy level of 959 ft. lbf.  Manufacturer In the year 1962, Remington Arms designed the .223 Remington Ammo, and in the coming year of 1964, Remington Arms and Fairchild Industries developed this bullet.  Uses The .223 Remington Ammo has proven to be the most popular cartridge in its category and is widely used in a manual action, semiautomatic rifles, and even handguns. The .223 Remington Ammo is used for hunting small to medium-sized game and self-defense.  

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