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Created in 1923 by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, the 270 Winchester Ammo was unveiled in 1925. It has stayed in production from then till the present. It has its place of origin in the United States. The 270 Winchester Ammo is a large hunting rifle and has a high performance being suitable for big game shooting in 270 - 460 meters range, which translates to 300 - 500 yards. It has a max pressure of 65,000psi (450 MPa), a bullet diameter of 0.277 inches (7.0mm), a rim diameter of 0.473 inches (12.0mm), and neck diameter of 0.380 inches (7.8mm). In addition, its neck is 7.8mm, and its shoulder's diameter is 11.2mm. All of these contribute to a total overall length of 3.340 inches (84.8mm). The 279 Winchester Ammo drives an 8.4-gram bullet at approximately 960mls. The manufacturer introduced two additional bullet weights much later. They were a 6.5 grams hollow point bullet for shooting vermin and a 9.7 grams bullet for shooting deer, elk, and moose. It is amongst the most famous and widely used cartridges in the world. It has a manageable recoil, which makes it able to ensure maximum precision with every shot that gets fired. It is versatile and quite powerful. When one talks of hunting cartridges that you can fire at normal ranges, none compares significantly to the 270 Winchester Ammo. It is an accurate ammo and more than enough to adequately take down big games such as wildebeest, zebras, etc.

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The .270 Winchester was designed in 1923 and introduced in 1925 by Winchester, along with their Model 54 rifle. It was designed strictly as a big game hunting cartridge but didn’t become popular until rifle optics became more common to take advantage of the flatter trajectory offered over the .30-06 Springfield.

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The .270 Winchester is a popular choice for big game hunters such as elk, deer, antelope, sheep and goats. With lighter weight bullets, some hunters use the .270 for varmint hunting as well.

Col. Townsend Whelen and Jack O’Connor did much to promote the .270 as a premiere hunting cartridge for big game in their articles for outdoor publications. It retains 1500 foot pounds of energy at 400 yards, considered minimum for elk. Maximum point blank range for 7” targets is approximately 325 yards.

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The .270 Winchester is a rimless, bottleneck cartridge with an overall length of 3.34” and a case capacity of 67 grains (H2O). It fires a .277” diameter bullet using large rifle primers with a maximum pressure of 65,000 PSI. Standard rifling twist rate is 1:10”.

Ammunition options for the .270 Winchester are available in hollow point, soft point, and polymer tipped with weights ranging from 85 grains to 180 grains depending on use. The standard 1:10” rifling twist rate will stabilize bullets up to 150 grains.

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