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The 30-06 Springfield Ammo was introduced to the US Army in 1906 before it became standardized and stayed in use, in service, with the army until the late 1970s. It is 7.62 × 63mm in metric notation and has its parent case as the 30-06 Springfield. The 30-06 Springfield Ammo's name originates from the number of bullet caliber it possesses in inches which are 30. The "06" is a reference to the year 1906, when the cartridge was adopted. It has its place of origin in the United States. The 30-06 Springfield Ammo was quite popular in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war. It was designed in 1906 by the Springfield Armory, even though several others have manufactured it since then. With bullet diameter of .308 inches and a land diameter of .300 inches, the neck of the 30-06 Springfield Ammo is .340 inches. It has a shoulder diameter of .441 inches and a rim diameter of .473 inches. The 30-06 Springfield Ammo rim's thickness is .049 inches, and it has an overall length of 3.34 inches (85mm). It has a maximum pressure of 58, 740psi, and a Max CUP of 50,000. The 30-06 Springfield Ammo remains a popular sporting round with ammunition produced by many prominent manufacturers globally. It is one of the most popular sporting cartridges globally, and this is due to its efficiency when used in hunting. It is also tolerable to most shooters, however young.

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