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About The .32 Short Colt Ammo, also known as the .38 SC Ammo, was a heeled bullet cartridge primarily intended for metallic bullet conversion of the cap and ball Colt Navy Revolver 1851 from the era of the American Civil War. Later, the .32 Short Colt Ammo was fitted with a 9.1mm diameter which was lubricated from the inside in the 125-135-grain bullet variant ranges. Visually, the .32 Short Colt Ammo closely resembles .38 S&W Ammo, but the case diameters are a bit different. The case parent used to design the .38 Long Colt Ammo, and the .38 Special Ammo was the .32 Short Colt Ammo. The lightest, 129-grain bullet variant of the .32 Short Colt Ammo can travel at a velocity of 777 feet per second while creating an energy level of 181 ft.lbf. Manufacturer The .32 Short Colt Ammo was designed and manufactured into the markets by Colt's Manufacturing LLC in the Early 1870s. Uses The .32 Short Colt Ammo was widely used in guns chambered for .38 Special Ammo and .357 Magnum Ammo. This bullet was used in hunting small games in medium to short ranges.

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