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.32 Winchester Special

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32 Winchester Special Ammo Winchester created the 32 Winchester Special Ammo in October 1901. It is a rimmed cartridge designed for use in the Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle. Although it has a similar name with the .32-20 Winchester Ammo, they’re unrelated. It is a necked-down version of the 38-55 Winchester Ammo. During the design process, Winchester used a slower twist to reduce fouling retention. It was for the benefit of sportsmen who wanted to reload their ammunition using black powder and cast bullets. It was ideal for them because it offered more powder capacity than the 30-30 Winchester Ammo. However, the popularity of the former hampered the acceptance of the 32 Winchester Special Ammo early on. The 32 Winchester Special Ammo helps to create a larger wound as opposed to the .312 ammo. It also offers more energy and deeper penetrations because of its increased density and reduced sectional density. As a result, the 32 Winchester Special Ammo can be used effectively with 205 yards before you notice a drop-off in trajectory and wound penetration. It is ideal for short-range hunting because as distance increases, the wound penetration reduces. With a 170-grain bullet, the 32 Winchester Special Ammo offers you a muzzle velocity of 2300 fps. With a 165-grain bullet, it provides a 2410 fps muzzle velocity with a 2128 foot-pounds energy. Additionally, a soft point 170-grain bullet with a flat trajectory will also offer you a muzzle velocity of 2250 fps. It is ideal for hunting at short and mid ranges. You can efficiently use the 32 Winchester Special for big games like deer and elk.

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