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33 Nosler

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The Nosler family of cartridges was born in 2014 with the introduction of the 26 Nosler, followed by the 28 Nosler in 2015, 30 Nosler in 2016 and now we’re ready to introduce the patriarch of the family – the 33 Nosler. The 33 shares the same parent case (404 Jeffery) as the rest of the family but fires .338 caliber bullets for the toughest of big game. The 33 Nosler is capable of propelling a 225gr AccuBond at 3025 fps and the brand new 265gr AccuBond Long Range at 2775 fps. That’s 275 fps faster than the 338 Win Mag using the same length action and 25 fps faster than the 338 Lapua at the muzzle while burning 18% less powder. The 33 Nosler is SAAMI approved and will be supported with ammunition and components from Nosler beginning Q1 of 2017.

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