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338 Federal Ammo The .338 Federal Ammo is the best elk and deer ammo you’ve probably never heard of. It flattens games efficiently without a strong recoil. It was in 2005 when the Federal Cartridge Company announced its development. The .338 Federal Ammo is based on the .308 Winchester case. The official release was in 2006, and the Federal stated that it was a non-magnum ammo boasting of magnum energy. The .338 Federal Ammo launches the 180 to 250-grain bullets from a small, short action case. It provides more muzzle energy than a 7mm Remington and recoils less than a 30-06. It also delivers 1820 muzzle velocity and 1920 foot/pounds at 300 yards. The Federal ballistic data shares that the .338 Federal pushes a 180-grain Nosler from the muzzle at 2840 fps. It also produces 3,224 foot-pounds energy which is far more than the 30-06. This performance is enough for a fast kill when hunting moose and elk. The .338 Federal Ammo can achieve a balance between velocity and energy when in use. The .338 Federal Ammo is ideal for games weighing over 90kg; it is a good target resistance. It is best in moderate ranges to ensure high muzzle velocity that will provide maximum trauma. It also offers considerably less recoil than the 308 Winchester. Shot placement is key to achieving excellent performance from the .338 Federal Ammo. With well-forward shots, the .338 Federal Ammo is a fast killer of big and lean games. Sporting various projectiles, the .338 Federal Ammo is versatile and can hunt different game sizes.

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