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.338 Winchester Magnum

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When it comes to elk hunting, lethal terminal performance and ease of shooting are two things that hunters look for. Amongst cartridges that are commercially produced, the 338 Winchester magnum has proven its proficiency in these areas, hence making it a very good cartridge to employ in the elk habitat. The 338 Winchester magnum was designed after the 375 H & H Magnum and is beltless, rimless, and bottle-necked with a minimal taper that would provide smooth feeding and extraction of the cartridge without sacrificing case capacity. Since Winchester introduced the 338 Win Mag in 1958, the 338 caliber cartridge has risen to become the most popular and most widely available choice in medium bore rifles, and for good reasons. This cartridge is a powerhouse. It transports its 200 to 275-grain bullets at a muzzle velocity of 2950 to 2490 fps with muzzle energy averaging 3900 foot-pound force. On impact, a terrifying terminal energy of 2052 feet-pounds is delivered clear out at 500 yards. It can also deliver 1500 fpf over 700 yards. This middle-bore cartridge is also the go-to for North American guides to provide efficient back-up as a stopping rifle against charging bears, especially grizzly bears, making it a big, heavy, and dangerous game specialist. One reason for 338 Win Mag’s high-performing ballistics is the design and technology used. Thanks to superior construction materials and a sleek aerodynamic shape, a 225-grain bullet, for example, could zero at 200 yards and easily keep a mid-range trajectory under +2 inches at 150 yards, all the while providing terminal energy values equivalent to 30-60 Springfield muzzle energy. The bullet is tough enough to equal the penetration of much heavier bullets and light enough to provide less recoil compared to other powerful cartridges of the same caliber.

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