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The 350 Legend was released in 2019 and created solely by Winchester Repeating Arms Ammunition division, known now as simply Winchester Ammunition. The 350 Legend is a legend in its own right because it is one of the few cartridges that has no parent cartridge. It does have the same diameter as the .223 Remington cartridge but that is where the similarities of the two rounds start and end. This straight-walled cartridge was developed for hunting where states had strict regulations on straight-walled deer hunting rounds. The 350 Legend is a product of the Ammunition industry responding to ridiculous government regulation and overreach. Without oddball laws on hunting with necked cartridges, straight-walled cartridges like the 350 Legend cartridge would likely not exist. The performance of the round was designed to deliver high lethal terminal energy on deer at ranges out to 200 yards. The 350 Legend sits in an area of its own where at 200 yards it outpaces 300 Blackout, 30-30 Winchester, and 223 Remington in energy on target. The closest comparison for foot-pounds on target for the Legend is the 300 Blackout round which comes in at 790 ft-lbs at 200-yards. The 350 Legend clocks in at 903 ft-lbs at 200-yards. As you can see it’s no slouch and the .350 legend doesn’t just barely edge out the 300 blackout round either.

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Introduced by Winchester in 2019, the .350 Legend was designed and marketed for deer hunters in states requiring straight walled rifle cartridges to legally hunt. It is designed to offer terminal performance on large deer out to 250 yards. It is also capable of harvesting wild hogs and coyotes within its effective range and choice of ammunition.

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The .350 Legend found popularity among deer hunters living in states that require straight walled rifle cartridges, shotguns loaded with slugs, or muzzleloaders only for big game hunting. It has a low recoil, less than the .243 Winchester, so it is an optimal choice for youth and shooters who are recoil sensitive.
The .350 Legend has no parent cartridge but Winchester designed the case with the ability to be used in standard AR-15 style rifles. Winchester engineered their Extreme Point and Power Point bullets to maximize the effective range of the .350 Legend. 

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The .350 Legend is a rebated rim, straight walled cartridge with an overall length of 2.25” and a case capacity of 36.5 grains (H2O). It fires a .357-0.003” diameter bullet using small rifle primers and a maximum pressure of 55,000 PSI. Standard rifling twist rate is 1:16”.

Ammunition options for the .350 Legend include hollow point, soft point, and polymer tipped bullets in weights ranging from 125 grains to 280 grains depending on intended use.

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