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357 SIG Developed by popular firearm manufacturer SIG Sauer in collaboration with Federal Cartridge, 357 SIG Ammo is a rimless centerfire handgun cartridge. This bottlenecked cartridge offers good accuracy, stopping power, and is used by several law enforcement agencies. It is developed by necking down a 40 S&W case to accept 9.0mm bullets. It holds slightly longer brass which ranges from 0.23 mm to 0.51 mm. 357 SIG Ammo Specifications: Cartridge case: 10mm Auto Case type: Rimless, bottleneck Bullet diameter 9.02: mm (0.355 inches) Land diameter: 8.71 mm (0.343 inches) Neck diameter: 9.68 mm (0.381 inches) Shoulder diameter: 10.77 mm (0.424 inches) Base diameter: 10.77 mm (0.424 inches) Rim diameter: 10.77 mm (0.424 inches) Rim thickness: 1.40 mm (0.055 inches) Case length: 21.97 mm (0.865 inches) Overall length: 28.96 mm (1.140 inches) Case capacity: 1.27 cm3 Rifling twist: 406 mm Primer type: small pistol Maximum pressure (C.I.P.): 44,240 psi (305.0 MPa) Maximum pressure (SAAMI): 40,000 psi (275.8 MPa) Specially designed to use in semi-automatic handguns, 357 SIG Ammo’s standard 125-grain bullet offers a velocity of up to 1450 feet per second. The 357 SIG Ammo bullet weight ranges from 115 grains (7.5g) to 150 grains (9.7g). The muzzle energy of this ammo is between 488 foot-pounds force (662 J) to over 568 foot-pounds force (770 J). The optical penetration depth of this ammo is from 230 mm (9 inches) to over 420 mm (16.5 inches). 357 SIG Ammo is manufactured by several firearm manufacturers including Triton, Winchester, Federal, Speer, Remington, and Federal.

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The .357 Sig was introduced in 1994 by Sig Sauer and Federal Premium Ammunition. It was developed by necking down the 10mm Auto casing and was the first commercially available bottlenecked pistol cartridge since the 1960’s. 

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The .357 Sig is in use with multiple law enforcement agencies and carried for personal defense by some civilians. The relatively high velocity for a handgun cartridge offers flatter trajectory and hydrostatic damage potential.
Recoil for the .357 Sig is comparable to the .40 S&W. Since the 10mm Auto is the parent cartridge of both, conversion kits are available to use both cartridges from the same pistol by changing barrels and springs on some models.

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The .357 Sig is a rimless, bottle necked cartridge with an overall length of 1.14” and case capacity of 19.6 grains (H2O). It fires a .355” diameter bullet and uses small pistol primers with a maximum pressure of 40,000 PSI.

The .357 Sig has several ammunition options available in full metal jacket, hollow point, and polymer tipped hollow point in weights ranging from 65 grains to 150 grains depending on intended use or needs. 

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