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About The .375 Ruger Ammo is a rimless, standard-length rifle bullet designed and introduced into the markets in 2007. The primary reason this bullet was manufactured was to take down a large dangerous game. A unique case was designed for the .375 Ruger Ammo using a rimless design with a base diameter of 13.5mm to allow the bullet to have a greater case capacity. The overall length of the .375 Ruger Ammo is 84.8mm, and the bullet diameter measures 9.5mm. This cartridge can produce energy levels of 4,835 ft. lbf while traveling at a velocity of 2,840 feet per second. The .375 Ruger Ammo has a greater capacity cartridge, and the 'short fat' bullet efficiency allows the .375 Ruger Ammo to travel faster by 150 feet per second compared to the H%H variant. Manufacturer To compete against the .375 H&H Magnum Ammo, The Ruger designed and developed the .375 Ruger Ammo in 2007 using a rimless standard rifle cartridge. Uses The crown of being the most popular and loved cartridge for hunting the big dangerous game has been owned by the .375 H&H Magnum Ammo for almost 100 years. However, the .375 Ruger Ammo is the latest contender for this crown and might succeed in overtaking it. The .375 Ruger Ammo can take down any big game species in the range of 250 yards accurately and ethically.

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