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38-40 Winchester Ammo About The .38-40 Winchester Ammo is a .40 caliber Ammo that shoots a .401 caliber Ammo bullets. The .38-40 Winchester Ammo was introduced in 1874 and was based on the .44-40 Winchester ammo designs. The .38-40 Winchester Ammo was initially introduced for rifles, but it has gained much popularity in modern times thanks to cowboy action shooting as a revolver cartridge. The .38-40 Winchester Ammo delivers less muzzle energy by approximately 110 ft.lbf. and muzzle velocity by 110 feet per second than the .44-40 Winchester Ammo. But it is believed that the goal was to maintain bullet sectional density while reducing the recoil of the cartridge. The .38-40 Winchester Ammo has an overall length of 40mm, and its bullet diameter measures to be 10.17mm. The 180-grain bullet variant of the .38-40 Winchester Ammo can travel at a velocity of 1,160 feet per second and creates an energy level of 538 ft.lbf. The .38-40 Winchester Ammo has been used for hunting, cowboy action shooting, metallic silhouette shooting, etc. Manufacturer The .38-40 Winchester Ammo was created using the design of the .44-40 Winchester Ammo in 1874 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Uses The .38-40 Winchester Ammo was introduced as an all-rounder cartridge, but it only performed adequately on deer hunting trips. However, the renewed interest in the modern days into this cartridge is mainly due to cowboy action shooting and metallic silhouette shooting.

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