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About The .38 Casull Ammo is a wild cat cartridge for semi-auto pistol cartridge that was designed and developed in 1987 and was pretty similar in nature to the .38/.45 Caliber. The parent case used to base the designing of the .38 Casull Ammo was the .45 ACP Ammo. The .38 Casull Ammo utilizes the bottlenecked .45 ACP Ammo that was necked down to be accepted into the 9mm Ammo category. The .38 Casull Ammo is considered to be a part of the large cartridge family and has a rimless cartridge design that adds to its performance. The bullet diameter of the .38 Casull Ammo is 9.0mm, and the case length measures 23.7mm. The 125-grain bullet variant of this cartridge can travel at a velocity of 1,800 feet per second. Manufacturer The .38 Casull Ammo was designed and developed in 1987 by Dick Casull as a wild cat for semi-auto pistols. Uses The .38 Casull Ammo delivers extremely precise accuracy and decently fast velocities, making it an excellent choice to take on varmint hunting sessions. People have also used it for self-defense, but this bullet's loud noise makes it a bad choice for this purpose.

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