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38 Short Colt

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About The .38 Short Colt Ammo, also known as the .38 Short Center Fire Ammo, was a heeled bullet cartridge created to be used for metallic cartridge conversion of the ball Colt and Cap 1851 revolver from the times of the American Civil War. Later, to modernize and increase the performance of the .38 Short Colt Ammo, it was fitted with a 9.1mm diameter cartridge lubricated from the inside between the ranges of 125 and 135-grain loads. The .38 Short Colt Ammo visually resembles the .38 S&W Ammo, but the casings' dimensions are pretty different. The .38 Short Colt Ammo design was used to produce the .38 Long Colt Ammo and the .38 Special Ammo. Today, Remington produces the 125-grain variant, and Magtech manufactures the 95-grain load for the .38 Short Colt Ammo. The overall length of the .38 Short Colt Ammo is 19.4mm, and the bullet diameter of the cartridge is 9.1mm. The 129-grain bullet variant of the .38 Short Colt Ammo can travel at a velocity of 777 feet per second while creating an energy level of 181 ft.lbf. Manufacturer Colt's Manufacturing LLC designed and produced the .38 Short Colt Ammo in the United States. Uses The .38 Short Colt Ammo produces the best results in close ranges, and since it can be chambered in small concealable guns, it's perfect for self-defense. It can also be used to hunt small game and pest control.

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