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About The .400 CorBon Ammo is an automatic pistol bullet that was designed and made available in 1997 in the United States. The .400 CorBon Ammo was designed to mimic the performance of the .10mm Auto Ammo. The .400 CorBon Ammo was created by necking down the .45 ACP Ammo to a .40 caliber Ammo making the .45 ACP Ammo the parent case of the .400 CorBon Ammo. The high velocity created by this bullet allows it to travel in a flat trajectory that provides the shooter with a long effective range while creating a controllable recoil. People widely used the .400 CorBon Ammo for many purposes, and therefore it got to be known as a versatile cartridge. The .400 CorBon Ammo has an overall length of 30mm, and the bullet diameter of this cartridge is 10.2mm. The 165-grain bullet is the heaviest variant of the .400 CorBon Ammo, which can travel at a velocity of 1,250 feet per second while creating an energy level of 573 ft.lbf. Manufacturer The .400 CorBon Ammo was designed using the .45 ACP Ammo as its parent case by Peter Pi in 1997 in the United States. Uses The .400 CorBon Ammo is known to be a versatile cartridge that is useful for practical shooting, target shooting, competitions, self-defense, and hunting down small to medium-sized game.

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