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416 Barrett Ammo The 416 Barret came along in 2007. It was developed by Chris Barret and based on a 50 BMG case. This case was shorted and necked down to accept a .416 inch bullet. Chris designed it for extreme range shooting and areas where 50 BMG rifles are not allowed. The 416 Barret was first chambered into the Model 82A1 and used a 395-grain bullet producing a muzzle velocity of 3300 fps and over 9500 foot-pounds energy. The 416 Barret is fun to shoot and meets the expectations of long-range shooting. It continues to gain in energy and offers a flattened trajectory. It also has an impressive ability to slip the wind. For extreme range shooting, the .416 Barret offers excellent performance from over 2000 yards away are more. The .416 Barret Ammo is also chambered into the Model 99, which is a simple rifle. The 416 Barret Ammo’s ability to stay supersonic beyond 2150 yards makes it accurate when you shoot using this rifle. It also maximizes your chances of making the best shot of the century. For long-range targets, the .416 Barret Ammo can shoot a 395-grain bullet at 3025 fps. Using a 450-grain bullet also allows you to hit large-sized games at about 3000 fps muzzle velocity. The .416 Barret Ammo is versatile because you can use it for medium-sized games and large-sized games. With varying projectiles to explore, you can choose to hunt varmint and predators. In addition, you can use it in hunting woodchucks, foxes, deer, elk, and many more. Although it works excellently in close ranges, the .416 Barret Ammo is more suited to long-range shooting.

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