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About The .44 Auto Mag Ammo is a large caliber used in a semi-automatic pistol and was designed in 1971. Its straight wall, rimless case was initially created by trimming the .308 Winchester Ammo case to 1.30 inches. However, the cartridges needed to be custom-made, which was the core reason for its downfall. The auto mag pistols were known to be the most powerful handgun production back in the day. The .44 Auto Mag Ammo was designed with the prime intention of bringing .44 Magnum Ammo power to a semi-auto pistol. The .44 Auto Mag Ammo was created to shoot a .429-inch, 240-grain bullets at almost the same velocity as the .44 Magnum Ammo. The main reason for the downfall of the demand for the .44 Auto Mag Ammo was because bad company decisions led to a massive loss on the sales of each gun that used these cartridges. However, today, an Auto Mag Pistol has a lot of demand, mostly made to order. Manufacturer The .44 Auto Mag Ammo was designed between 1966 to 1971 by Harry Sanford & Max Gera and was manufactured from 1971 to 1982 and then 2017 to the present by Auto Mag Corporation. Uses The intense power and pinpoint accuracy of the .44 Auto Mag Ammo make it suitable for hunting medium to large-sized games at a decent range.

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