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About The .45 Colt Ammo, also known as .45 Long Colt Ammo, is straight-walled, rimmed handgun bullet that was designed in 1872 and manufactured in the next year, 1873. The .45 Colt Ammo was initially created as a black-powder round for revolvers. For 14 years, the .45 Colt Ammo served as an official handgun for the United States military since 1873. The modern .45 Colt Ammo loadings use smokeless powder. The .45 Colt Ammo cartridge is an inside lubricated type, meaning it was completely safe from dirt and grit during handling, making it quite popular. The .45 Colt Ammo remains popular in Cowboy Action Shooting, while the bullet is also used in handgun hunting and target shooting competitions. The overall length of this bullet is 40.6mm, while the diameter measures 11.5mm. The .45 Colt Ammo can travel at a velocity of 1,125 feet per second while creating an energy level of 450 ft.lbf.  Manufacturer  The .45 Colt Ammo resulted from a joint operation between Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company in the United States in 1872.  Uses  The .45 Colt Ammo still remains in use 148 years after its introduction and is widely used in hunting medium to big game like deer, elk, and black bear. The heavier variants of the .45 Colt Ammo create enough penetrating power to take down the heavy game easily. 

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