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About The .45 Magnum Ammo is a .45 caliber cartridge that is rimless and was created to be used in semi-automatic pistols. The .45 ACP Ammo design was lengthened with a thicker web structure so that the .45 Magnum Ammo could withstand higher operating pressures. The .45 Magnum Ammo, unlike many other bullets in the market, has no parent case. The cartridge was simply redrawn to have thicker walls and a more extended case so that the bullet could accommodate higher internal pressure. The .45 Magnum Ammo design spent about two years on the drawing board before it was decided to manufacture it in 1979. The overall length of the .45 Magnum Ammo is 40mm, while the diameter of the bullets measures 11.5mm. The lightest variant of the .45 Magnum Ammo is a 230-grain bullet that can travel at a velocity of 1,600 feet per second and create an energy level of 1,307 ft.lbf. The .45 Magnum Ammo couldn't gain much popularity because of the intermittent availability of the Wildey and LAR Grizzly pistols. Uses Due to its precision and power to accurately knockdown targets, the .45 Magnum Ammo gained a following among specific competitors and became popular in certain regions for sporting purposes. The .45 Magnum Ammo has been used by metallic silhouette shooters and small game hunters.

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