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The 450 Marlin Ammo was introduced in 2000 as a new option offering more performance than the .45-70 Government load. The 450 Marlin Ammo was designed for the Model 1895 lever gun. Its design aims at eliminating the risk of accidental use in rifles that lack enough action to handle the increased pressure safely. The .450 Marlin Ammo features a belted case that precludes chambering in rifles. It proved effective against dangerous games when used for hunting. It can take out every special of big games from deer to Alaskan brown bear. The .450 Marlin Ammo is ideal for light and medium games. However, with due consideration, you can also use it on large, heavy games. Loading the .450 Marlin Ammo with a 300-grain projectile can produce hydrostatic shock down to impact the muzzle velocity of 2100 fps. Even without the shock, internal wounds are usually broad in impact velocities of 1700 fps which ensures fast kills. The best fast-killing range is 175 yards with 300-grain bullets. When closing the range to 150 yards, a 350-grain bullet is ideal and a 400-grain bullet for 125 yards. Beyond these ranges, shot placement is vital because wounding depends on game and caliber. The .450 Marlin is not ideal for dangerous games, primarily when used by inexperienced hunters. To achieve impressive results, it’s essential to keep the impact velocity over 1700 fps. The recoil from the .450 Marlin is light but can be pretty stiff in some situations. An integral muzzle brake softens it with two rows of porting on each side.

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