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About The .460 Rowland Ammo is a proprietary cartridge that captures the true level of velocities of the .44 Magnum Ammo when chambered into several popular semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and revolvers. The .460 Rowland Ammo was designed and developed in 1998, and the cartridge is manufactured to this day. The .460 Rowland Ammo is 1/16th longer than a traditional .45 ACP Ammo to prevent the high pressures .460 Rowland Ammo from being used with a standard chambered firearm for the low pressured .45 ACP Ammo. There are two main aspects to this cartridge. A sharp increase in the maximum pressure of the bullet casing over the .45 ACP Ammo and .45 Super Ammo. And to reduce the velocity of the bullet in pistols to manageable levels. The overall length of this bullet is 32.4mm, and the bullet diameter measures 11.5mm. The 80-grain bullet variant of the .460 Rowland Ammo can travel at a velocity of 3,050 feet per second while creating an energy level of 1,680 ft.lbf. Manufacturer The .460 Rowland Ammo was designed and manufactured by Mr. Johnny Ray Rowland in 1998. And due to its usability, it's still available in the market. Uses The heavy variants of the .460 Rowland Ammo are suitable for hunting medium to large-sized game. It can even effectively take down predators such as wolves, American lions, and giant bears.

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