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Designed by Bill Alexander in 2001, the .50 Beowulf ammo was named after the legend, Beowulf who killed a powerful monster. You can say that in our modern times, the. 50 Beowulf ammo is a metaphor for the strong fighter of old, its strength able to knock down any ‘monster’ like a black bear with a single shot. In appearance, the .50 Beowulf is a fat, big bore, straight-walled cartridge that can give a 1 to 1.5 inches group with a .50 Action Express parent case. It fixes an actual .500 bullet diameter of 12.7mm, a neck diameter of 13.3mm, a base diameter of 13.6mm, and a case length of 42mm, giving it a total of 54.0mm. The .50 Beowulf ammo has a heavy rebate rim with low velocity, mainly designed for AR-15 automatic rifles to function effectively at a short to medium range of 100 yards. Presently, the 50 Beowulf ammo is used for both sporting and hunting purposes and has made a good name, mainly in North America, where the hunters have been able to track down and shoot big game like moose, deer, and black bears quickly. 50 Beowulf ammo is designed to have no ejection port cover. A 300 grained bullet (weighing 19 grams) can cover 1,870 feet per second. A 325grained shell (weighing 21 grams) moves 1.800 feet per second. A 335 grained bullet (weighing 22 grams) covers 1,771 feet per second. A 335( Rainier Plated HP Alexander) grained bullet (weighing 22 grams) covers 1900 feet per second, and a 400 grained shell (weighing 26 grams) moves 1,800 feet per second. Because of its size and model, the .50 Beowulf isn't designed for accuracy and long-distance. However, within an estimated 100 yards, you're guaranteed a clean shot that can knock your target at once.

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