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About The .500 Wyoming Express Ammo, also known as the .500 WE Ammo, is a big bore cartridge created for handguns. It was designed and introduced in 2005 in the United States. Like many other handguns, it is strictly produced to be used in revolvers, and its primary purpose is to hunt, not for self-defense or tactical usage. The .500 Wyoming Express Ammo is extremely similar and comparable to the .50 Action Express, but it has higher loads with more powder and normally delivers a lower velocity. Even today, the .500 Wyoming Express Ammo is known as one of the most powerful handgun cartridges; still, it isn't as powerful as the .500 S&W Magnum. It is commercially available worldwide and can easily take down any big game species. The .500 Linebaugh Ammo and .50 Beowulf are similar to the .500 Wyoming Express Ammo. This cartridge has an overall length of 44.8mm, and the bullet diameter measures 12.7mm. The 440-grain bullet is the heaviest variant of the .500 Wyoming Express Ammo, which can travel at a velocity of 1,200 feet per second while creating an energy level of 1,407 ft.lbf. Manufacturer The .500 Wyoming Express Ammo was designed and produced by Freedom Arms in 2005 for revolver use only. Uses The .500 Wyoming Express Ammo is a big bore cartridge globally used for hunting large-sized game. It also carries enough stopping power to stop a dangerous charging predator.

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