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.600 Nitro Express

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The 600 Nitro Express is a bullet that has been around for over a century and was formerly one of the world's largest and most powerful commercial hunting calibres. There is no possibility that this cartridge would not be discussed if you wish to start African hunting. Only the.700 Holland & Holland is more powerful than the.600 Nitro Express (also referred to as the .700 Nitro Express). The 600 Nitro Express was created in 1903 by WJ Jeffery, an English gunmaker, primarily for elephant hunting. It was created with tight settings in mind. It became the primary instrument for ivory hunting during the heydays of 1900 to 1930 after extensive testing. This cartridge is generally loaded in twin rifles. It gives the highest stopping force available in this instance, ultimately flooring everything within your range. While the 600 Nitro Express has been criticized for being overly powerful, it is mostly useless as day-to-day hunting equipment. The ballistic performance of this calibre is what makes it exceptional and unforgettable. The 900 gr bullet, travelling at 1 950 fps, delivered 7 600 ft-lb of energy in factory-loaded ammo. It's exactly like the current Kynoch ammo. Recoil is an issue with this ammunition, as it is with all big game ammunition. The muzzle energy of a.600 NE firing a 900-grain projectile is just under 8000 ft-lb. The only disadvantage of a rifle of this calibre is that it must be hefty; otherwise, the recoil would be nearly uncontrollable and might cause harm to the shooter. The.600 produces a 900-grain Woodleigh FMJ at 1,866fps with 6,959ft/lb ME with contemporary components. This translates to recoil of 106ft/lb, which is a full 10ft/lb less than the larger load. Of course, it's an over gunner, but this cartridge might mean the difference between life and death in some situations.

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