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8mm Mauser Ammo

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The 8mm Mauser Ammo is suitable for hunting all medium-sized games such as the deer family, wild boars, and bears. The German Rifle Testing Commission designed the 8mm Mauser Ammo in 1903. It has been in production since then and is widely in use till present. It has a metric designation of 7.92 × 57mmR and is used in a rimless bottlenecked rifle. It has its place of origin in the German empire. It was used by several countries spanning Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, China, Iran, etc. The 8mm Mauser Ammo was the German service cartridge in both world wars. The typical load of an 8mm Mauser Ammo is a 170-grain bullet at 2360 fps. It yields almost 300-foot pounds of muzzle energy and loads with much heavier bullets, up to 250 grains. It is very effective in hunting dangerous games such as bears and lions. The 8mm Mauser Ammo has become a popular sport and hunting cartridge. Its specifications include a bullet diameter of 8.22mm, a land diameter of 7.89mm, a neck of 9.08mm, a shoulder of 10.95mm. The 8mm Mauser Ammo also has a base diameter of 11.94mm, a rim diameter of 11.95mm, and a rim thickness of 1.30mm. In addition to all of these is an overall length of 82.00mm. The 8mm Mauser Ammo has a maximum pressure of 56,560psi and a Max CUP of 37,000. It is a fine cartridge ideal for medium to large-sized games as it boasts of excellent penetration.

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