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Daniel Defense MK18

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The Daniel Defense MK18 features the railed forend Daniel Defense currently provides to USSOCOM, and a 10.3” Cold Hammer Forged Barrel. The MK18 rail system features the patented bolt-up attachment system and has been rigorously tested prior to fielding by USSOCOM. The MK18 SBR by Daniel Defense is unmatched in size, weight, and performance.

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Daniel Defense MK18 Features

The Daniel Defense Mk18 is a semi-automatic AR15 pattern Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) chambered in 5.56x45mmNATO (.223 Remington).  It is built with a 10.3 inch barrel paired with a carbine-length gas system and runs on the classic direct gas impingement / internal piston AR15 action and is covered by a 9 inch free-floating quad-rail handguard.

Daniel Defense MK18 Ballistics

Daniel Defense MK18 Capacity

The Daniel Defense Mk18 accepts all AR15 pattern magazines allowing for capacities of 10, 20, 30 and 40 rounds in double-stack box magazines as well as higher capacities of 60 and 100 rounds in quad-stack and drum magazines.

The Mk18 has an unloaded weight of 5.88 pounds and an overall length from 26.75 to 29.88 inches depending on the stock placement.  Navigating through close-quarter environments is an absolute breeze with this rifle and its light weight allows it to more easily be carried than a typical AR15.

Daniel Defense MK18 Mobility


Daniel Defense MK18 Ergonomics

The Mk18 is built with an improved pistol grip and an enlarged trigger guard for maximum comfort.  Its stock includes a textured comb with a similar feel to the highly regarded SOPMOD stock while offering a very stable cheek weld.  The bottom of the stock is rounded to allow the rifle to more easily be raised from low-ready to firing position.  Its controls are set up for the classic right-handed use.

Daniel Defense MK18 Fit & Finish

The Mk18, like other firearms made by Daniel Defense, include parts made in-house that exhibit incredible performance.  All contacting surfaces are honed or polished for an incredibly smooth action and extra care is taken in the manufacturing process to ensure accuracy.

Fit and Finish

Daniel Defense MK18 Parts & Upgrades

How much is a Daniel Defense MK18 worth?

In 2024 a new or used Daniel Defense MK18 value varies depending on supply and demand. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a Daniel Defense MK18 and most rifles. The Price for a Daniel Defense MK18 has increased in cost by $0.00 in 2024 compared to 2023.

Estimated New and Used Values for a Daniel Defense MK18 Values are based on a basic model with no options or colors.

Condition Trade-In Private Party Dealer
New In box $1,261.16 $1,649.21 $1,940.25
Excellent $1,164.15 $1,552.20 $1,746.23
Very Good $1,067.14 $1,552.20 $1,746.23
Good $970.13 $1,455.19 $1,649.21
Fair $679.09 $1,261.16 $1,552.20
Poor $485.06 $970.13 N/A

Gun Value Conditions explained:

New in box - 100% condition in unopened box. Excellent - 95%+ condition with or without box.

Very Good - 90% - 95% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Good - 80-90% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Fair - 30% - 80% condition, parts, and finish may or may not be original. Must function properly and shoot.

Poor - under 30% condition. Firearm has severe wear and tear, does not function, or is damaged.

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