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Desert Tech HTI

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The Desert Tech "Hard Target Interdiction" (HTI) was designed at the specific request of the US Military to provide extreme long range accuracy and target penetration. Now popular with long range competition shooters and big game hunters, the HTI offers unparalleled accuracy in a short and light package. Available in 4 different calibers, the HTI can quickly switch to shoot different cartridges with a bolt and magazine swap and a speedy barrel swap with an incredibly accurate return-to-zero.

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Desert Tech HTI Features

The Desert Tech HTI is a bolt-action bullpup multi-caliber precision rifle designed for heavy-hitting accuracy.  Due to its bullpup design, the HTI takes advantage of a 29 inch barrel in a shorter overall package compared to traditionally designed rifles.  This rifle is built with a free-floating handguard that offers a full-length optics rail for mounting a variety of optics.

Desert Tech HTI Ballistics

Desert Tech HTI Capacity

The HTI is a multi-caliber rifle with available chamberings that include .375 and .418 CheyTac, .416 Barrett and .50 BMG.  The HTI feeds from two different magazines, each with a 5 round capacity.  The larger magazine feeds both .416 and .50 caliber rounds while the smaller magazine feeds the .375 and .408 caliber rifles.
Measuring just under 46 inches long with an unloaded weight of 19.9 pounds, the HTI is considered to be the lightest and shortest .50BMG caliber rifle on the market thanks to its bullpup design and proper application of polymer and aluminum components.  Its effective muzzle brake is effective enough to allow users to employ lighter bipods as well as less expensive (~$900 instead of $2500) scopes.

Desert Tech HTI Mobility


Desert Tech HTI Ergonomics

The HTI is designed for precision over anything else and includes an adjustable cheek riser for a proper sight picture and a rear stabilizing monopod for a precise shot.  The safety is located over the trigger on both sides of the gun, the magazine release is behind the magazine well, and the bolt handle is located a few inches behind the grip instead of directly over the trigger.

Desert Tech HTI Fit & Finish

When chambered in .50BMG (the least inherently accurate caliber of the available options), the HTI is capable of sub-MOA groups with standard ammo.  The lower receiver is made of high-strength polymer and the handguard and receiver are both made of aluminum while the barrel is held in a quick-detach chassis system.  The HTI is assembled with a crisp match-grade trigger with a light pull weight.

Fit and Finish

Desert Tech HTI Comparisons

How much is a Desert Tech HTI worth?

In 2024 a new or used Desert Tech HTI value varies depending on supply and demand. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a Desert Tech HTI and most rifles. The Price for a Desert Tech HTI has increased in cost by $0.00 in 2024 compared to 2023.

Estimated New and Used Values for a Desert Tech HTI Values are based on a basic model with no options or colors.

Condition Trade-In Private Party Dealer
New In box $976.68 $1,277.20 $1,502.59
Excellent $901.55 $1,202.07 $1,352.33
Very Good $826.42 $1,202.07 $1,352.33
Good $751.30 $1,126.94 $1,277.20
Fair $525.91 $976.68 $1,202.07
Poor $375.65 $751.30 N/A

Gun Value Conditions explained:

New in box - 100% condition in unopened box. Excellent - 95%+ condition with or without box.

Very Good - 90% - 95% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Good - 80-90% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Fair - 30% - 80% condition, parts, and finish may or may not be original. Must function properly and shoot.

Poor - under 30% condition. Firearm has severe wear and tear, does not function, or is damaged.

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