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Remington V3 Tac-13

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REMINGTON FIREARMS Remington Firearms 83392 V3 Tac-13 Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge 13" 3" 5+1 Synthetic Pistol Grip Black Stk Black Oxide The Remington V3 Tac-13 represents the ultimate in compact personal defense regardless of where your journey takes you. From the comfort of your own home, to the remote wilderness the V3 Tac-13 offers the assurance that no matter what you encounter in the world you will have adequate means to defend yourself or those you love from any threat. This model features a hand strap to help control muzzle flip, black oxide barrel and receiver finish, and a birdshead pistol grip stock. BIRDSHEAD PISTOL GRIP: Allows for more ergonomic hold to help control the firearm and reduce recoil for the shooter. HAND STRAP: User adjustable to help control muzzle flip and improve handling characteristics. LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM RECEIVER: For easy, comfortable transport anywhere. 13" LIGHT CONTOUR BARREL: Compact and easy to carry anytime its needed RELIABLE FEEDING: Gas system optimized to run common light field loads or full power buck and slug and anything in between LOW RECOIL: Patented Versaport gas system is self regulating and offers very manageable recoil in a compact package

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Remington V3 Tac-13 Specs

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26.5 "



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16.5 "

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82 oz

Remington V3 Tac-13 Features

The Remington V3 Tac-13 is considered under US law to be a “firearm” and not a shotgun or NFA regulated “Short Barreled Shotgun”.  Available only in 12 Gauge, this semi-automatic firearm has a smooth-bore, improved cylinder 13 inch barrel and a 5-round magazine capacity when loaded with 2-¾ inch shells.  Its birdshead or “broom-handle” grip prevents shouldering, so a handguard strap was added to prevent the user from losing control.

Remington V3 Tac-13 Ballistics

Remington V3 Tac-13 Capacity

The Remington V3 TAC-13 is built with a tube magazine and is capable of holding 5 shells.  To load the TAC-13, rounds are loaded directly into the magazine tube through the loading port in the bottom of the receiver.
Weighing 5 pounds (unloaded) with an overall length of 26.25 inches, the TAC-13 is easy to carry and maneuver in any environment.  The TAC-13 is not a shotgun that can be easily aimed, however.  Designed to be fired from the hip, a user is likely to break a cheek bone when aiming down the sights if the shotgun isn’t held properly.

Remington V3 Tac-13 Mobility


Remington V3 Tac-13 Ergonomics

This shotgun was designed to be fired from the hip or from any other stance that doesn’t involve utilizing the sights.  The birdshead grip allows the user to carry it comfortably, however the grip does little to improve control of the shotgun while firing.  The controls are nearly identical to the Remington 1100

Remington V3 Tac-13 Fit & Finish

The Remington V3 TAC-13 is fitted with composite grips and sports a matte-black finish on metal components.
Fit and Finish

How much is a Remington V3 Tac-13 worth?

In 2024 a new or used Remington V3 Tac-13 value varies depending on supply and demand. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a Remington V3 Tac-13 and most shotguns. The Price for a Remington V3 Tac-13 has increased in cost by $0.00 in 2024 compared to 2023.

Estimated New and Used Values for a Remington V3 Tac-13 Values are based on a basic model with no options or colors.

Condition Trade-In Private Party Dealer
New In box $675.17 $882.92 $1,038.73
Excellent $623.24 $830.98 $934.86
Very Good $571.30 $830.98 $934.86
Good $519.37 $779.05 $882.92
Fair $363.56 $675.17 $830.98
Poor $259.68 $519.37 N/A

Gun Value Conditions explained:

New in box - 100% condition in unopened box. Excellent - 95%+ condition with or without box.

Very Good - 90% - 95% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Good - 80-90% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Fair - 30% - 80% condition, parts, and finish may or may not be original. Must function properly and shoot.

Poor - under 30% condition. Firearm has severe wear and tear, does not function, or is damaged.

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