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Walther PK380

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The PK380 was the first semi-automatic polymer pistol developed with an easy to rack the slide. Its single-action/double-action trigger and internal slide stop are inspired by the legendary PPK, making the PK380 a real force to be reckoned. Chambered in .380 ACP, it provides noticeably soft and manageable recoil, allowing for the best shooting experience possible. The PK380 is fully ambidextrous with both a paddle-style magazine release and slide safety. The easy to handle size and overall dimensions of this pistol make it an ideal option for concealed carry. As with all of Walther’s high-quality handguns, it comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. The PK380 is sure to impress, no matter the situation.

Walther PK380 Specs

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Technical Data


.380 Auto (9mm Browning Short)



Gun Type

Semi-Automatic Pistol

Walther PK380 Features

The Walther PK380 is a sub-compact, polymer framed, semi-automatic pistol chambered in .380 ACP and uses a double-action / single-action trigger.  Its magazine has a standard capacity of 8 rounds and uses an ambidextrous tilt-down style magazine release.  Its sights are windage-adjustable and the safety is located along the back of the slide.

Walther PK380 Ballistics

.380 Auto (9mm Browning Short) Ballistic Data
Range (Yards) Drop (inches) Velocity Energy Wind drift (inches) Time (milliseconds)
0 -0 980 194 0 0
50 -4.5612 971 190 0 154
100 -18.3574 962 187 0 309
150 -41.5026 954 184 0 466
200 -74.2023 946 181 0 623
250 -117.2518 937 178 0 784
300 -169.6187 929 174 0 944
350 -232.2254 921 172 0 1106
400 -303.5866 914 169 0 1269
450 -384.6247 906 166 0 1434
500 -478.6405 898 163 0 1600

Walther PK380 Capacity

The Walther PK380 utilizes steel single-stack detachable magazines.  Magazines for this pistol are only available in 8-round capacities.

Walther PK380 Ergonomics

The Walther PK380 has many of the standard controls that are expected out of a modern defensive handgun.  Its slide-mounted safety is easily reached with the user’s thumb, and its magazine release is ambidextrous and is the tilt-down style.  Its grip has contours that are very conducive to a strong and proper grip.

Walther PK380 Fit & Finish

The Walther PK380 has metal and polymer components that are incredibly well made, however it suffers in ways that are hard to avoid.  The trigger when pulled in double-action is rather stiff, unlike the venerable PPK, and its recoil spring guide rod is polymer and may be a cause of concern for some users.
Fit and Finish

Walther PK380 Concealability

The Walther PK380 is an incredibly easy gun to conceal thanks to its short length, small grip, and thin cross-section.  This gun is rendered unnoticeable in most choices of attire with a proper holster.  The contours of the gun prevent the weapon from printing though clothing, however the exposed hammer may cause some discomfort to some carriers in certain stances.

Walther PK380 Parts & Upgrades

Walther PK380 Variations

How much is a Walther PK380 worth?

In 2023 a new or used Walther PK380 value varies depending on supply and demand. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a Walther PK380 and most handguns. The Price for a Walther PK380 has increased in cost by $48.16 in 2023 compared to 2022.

Estimated New and Used Values for a Walther PK380 Values are based on a basic model with no options or colors.

Condition Trade-In Private Party Dealer
New In box $247.27 $323.35 $380.41
Excellent $228.25 $304.33 $342.37
Very Good $209.23 $304.33 $342.37
Good $190.21 $285.31 $323.35
Fair $133.14 $247.27 $304.33
Poor $95.10 $190.21 N/A

Gun Value Conditions explained:

New in box - 100% condition in unopened box. Excellent - 95%+ condition with or without box.

Very Good - 90% - 95% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Good - 80-90% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Fair - 30% - 80% condition, parts, and finish may or may not be original. Must function properly and shoot.

Poor - under 30% condition. Firearm has severe wear and tear, does not function, or is damaged.

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